Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GLB Foreign Workers

Two things I keep banging on about is:

1   1)Foreign Workers
2   2) Gay peoples disproportionate influence on society

One our Coaches at the Swale Martial Arts Club has Latvian neighbours he tells me that they are very nice people. He works in a fruit packing premises in Murston, which is predominantly Foreign Labour. He has 2 girls both going to a local school, the family has been here for three years, his cousin has recently arrived and has got a job with in 6 weeks working at the same place. Compare that with my Coaches daughter who is her twenties and English, she has been out of work for months had to give up her house and move back with her family, she has applied for 28 jobs her tenacity has paid of and starts a Job next week but why can a Latvian be guaranteed a job in this country and take advantage of all our benefits? I do not blame the workers what I do blame is employers who refuse to employ local labour and a government who refuses to do anything about it. Even Cameron was shocked when he visited a factory to find 60% of employees were foreign

Let hear those who employ foreign workers defend themselves

With the forthcoming election of a Police Commissioner upon us, I would like to ask the following question:

1)   Will Kent Police continue to waste money on a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual fortnight which is held annually at their Maidstone HQ?
2)   Why is the Kent Chief Constable and his cronies obsessed with GLB?
3)   What has a person sexuality to do with Police Work?
4)   Will they stop discriminating against British heterosexual Males?
5)   Will they change course and try a and tackle crime rather then act as social workers

I have included this letter sent to the press and politicians on my Blog as local press very rarely print letters like mine and who can blame them as they are under the cosh of their owners or party chiefs. They want to remain employed like many others

Martin  Clarke

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