Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Support our fellow Brits

Several of my Tenants are unemployed through no fault of their own they have been concerned that they have received a letter threatening them if they do not abide by the terms laid down in respect of their unemployment benefit they may lose benefit. After reading the letter I believe it a reasonable letter basically saying they must try and find a job, take courses or go on job start if they ignore this they will lose benefit.
Yet I do have a problem with forcing people to take a some jobs for example one of my tenants was asked to take a job the other side of Dartford on minimum wage 40 hours a week once he paid his rent, council tax, electric, water and petrol, Dartford Bridge toll charge, NI and income tax, TV License, Road Tax and Car insurance he was left with nothing so how could he eat?  I am told that people on low wages can get Government help yet he was not told how to do this? He obviously refused the job but was suspended I helped him appeal and he was reinstated.
I like many people I think those on the dole should try and get a job and I expect the majority do try but where are the Jobs there several million Brits unemployed in GB what jobs that are available are extremely low paid or Agency work which sometimes offers a few weeks work only. Once again the same tenant was given work by an Agency he turned up for the Job and was told he was no longer needed. Watch Marlon Brando in the film “On the Waterfront:” and you will see what agency work is.
So in a time of mass unemployment for British people what does the European Union Overlords do they make us take on Millions of foreign workers so they can steal British Jobs and put British people on the breadline at least this government is trying to do something about, yet the news today we are told that the EU will order us to open the floodgates in January 2013 to millions of Romanian and Bulgarians who will be allowed to work here and claim our benefits.

Most Brits want to work they are not all lazy like the immigrants, politicians and employers say we are but want they do want is a reasonable wage. A tradesman get less money today then they did in 1990

Lastly for those who support immigration here are some facts

British Pensioner Totally Government Yearly Benefit £6,000

Illegal Immigrants/Refugees Living in Britain Total Yearly Benefit £29,900

Read the full facts at

It is time all Political Parties and Unions started supporting the British People and put their interest before others

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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