Sunday, October 07, 2012

Abortion & Under Cover Cpos

Being brought up a catholic I do have reservations about abortion. I am particularly concerned when the foetus actually becomes a being rather then a group of cells. So I was shocked to hear that women can have an abortion at 24 weeks that is 6 months, some babies are born premature at that age and survive. So when they abort at this age they are killing a child. So maybe it should be dropped to 12 weeks. When you can see a small human being on these scans it would be impossible to say that it is not a person.
I have heard all the arguments about someone who is raped, deformed babies etc. and I do not know the answer, I suppose it is up to everyone conscious. Yet the unborn child is not to be blamed and do we have the right to extinguish its life? Thankfully I have never been in the situation where I have to answer that, but the argument that it is a women’s body and she can do what she wants with it doesn’t hold water, she only the vessel carrying a human life one that can be completely different to her i.e. different sex, hair colour, blood etc. Also reports show that 70% of abortions are repeats so it is being used a contraception, I am sure that was not the reason it was legalised.
Difficult and Emotive Subject, wait and see what happens

Under Cover Cops

I  listened to Radio 4 this afternoon and they had a piece about undercover cops infiltrating Demo Groups like the Animal Rights and other protest groups. Some which are extremely dangerous, it seems some of these Police Officers have built up an intimate relationships with some of the women over several years. Eventually they found out now these women want to take the Police to the European Courts because their human rights have been abused. This was a typical lefty BBC report as per usual a one sided report, all the women were given false names to protect them yet the Police Offices names were given out. These women droned on about how they were emotionally damaged etc. but at no time was any them asked why they were they being investigated, are we expected to believe that the Police would have undercover officers working for years on totally harmless women who wore hippy clothing NO. They moan about their Human Rights what about the rest of us who want to go about our business unmolested? There is a difference on going on a legal Demonstration and deliberately destroying property and people which some of these groups do.

The BBC in its present format is unfit for purpose, the recent scandals on employees avoiding income tax, Jimmy Saville and other paedophiles, paying millions to chat show host etc.  

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