Monday, October 15, 2012

Dinner Party

Had an enjoyable weekend invited YJC/Warriors Coaches and helpers round for meal, splashed out on a Marquee 160 ins x 118 ins think it will be a good investment. Val as usual done an excellent job of the cooking, she arranged it like a Buffett, On the menu was Chicken thighs, Beef stew, Partridge Casserole, Pork ribs, Chicken Strips, Potatoes with garlic and salami, Brussels with garlic (just for John) plus other vegetables. Followed by 4 different deserts and the obligatory Cheddar and Stilton. My own contribution was home made Cherry Brandy and Cherry Vodka plus I made a chickpea dip with Olive Oil, Garlic and Chilli.

My intention is to put the Marquee up in June and take it down in October, next year I am planning a Bar B Q and Dinner for my Christmas Eve Club, plus the same for the instructors, must not forget a couple of family does as well. The Marquee from Gala Tent at a cost of £500 will be a good investment. The one draw back was putting it up; as per usual I lost my temper. Val came to the rescue and said why do all the poles have different letters on them? My response was they spell their names differently all I got was a blank look, I obviously knew what she meant A, B, C of course being a women she could not understand this type of thing. Then she said each different letter pole is a different length, of course I knew that I just wanted to put them together in a mixed fashion to see what the outcome was. Just to please her I put all the letters together and it went up OK but she really annoyed me when she said “ I told you so now say sorry” Well I Knew all along how it went up but just to please her and let her think she was intellectually superior to me I said “Sorry” then asked her to make a cup of tea

At these sort of does when you get Sombo and Judo players together we started to tell stories of our various trips and adventures, while doing this I thought I will try and write all this little bits down in a book form. Mind you if it is like my little autobiography “Martin For Moscow” it will take a couple of years

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