Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Foreign Workers

Cameron surprised and disturbed by 60% foreign workers in factory-will this placate his Euro Sceptics?
Why are politicians so shallow and obvious? Everybody but Dave knows Britain is full of cheap labour because that's what employers want and can have under EU rules.
Cameron can't do anything about it short of pulling out of Europe and he ain't gonna endorse that.

Foreign workers take nearly half of Olympic Park jobs: So much for promises to employ British staff!
    Four in ten of the jobs created went to foreign workers
    Around 18,400 jobs out of 46,000 went to people abroad

Foreign-born workers account for 80% of employment growth
    Number of foreign born men and women in work soars by 334,000 to over 4million
    British-born workers finding employment in same period rose by only 77,000

These are some of the headlines since the beginning of the year and it only just occurred to Cameron that Foreigners are taking jobs from Brits. I have continually questioned how many foreign workers there is at Morrison Depot at Ridham, at first I was told 20% then it was not many. So can I go round myself to check, maybe if I went with someone of authority? But it was suggested I do not go on the night shift because it is nearly all foreigners as Brits are too lazy to work at night? Well my father done shift work before he became a full time Judo Coach, my father in law worked shifts as did all his sons, when I was waiting to go to college to earn extra money I worked nights at Lowes Dog Biscuit Factory and just recently I spoke to a couple of twenty year olds who work full time nights on London underground. So I find it quite insulting when people in authority or businesses that enjoy cheap Labour continually berate the British Workman, So much for us all working together.
 The Conservatives have come with the new idea that workers should give up their rights for shares in the company? If you lost your job would the shares keep you or your family? The Tories are right that EU employment laws are suffocating British Industry but the worker still need protection from unscrupulous employers. Like most laws if the are to draconian, the individual will suffer as employers try to get round them for instance using Agency Workers, this is a system where Businesses can use workers for a short period of time, as they contracted out the work to an agency, it is the Agency who responsible for the workforce. Most Agencies do not take on full time staff they employ people on an ad hoc basis. How is that for job security, yet I can understand why employers use them? A friend of mine has a business where he sometimes needs labour for a short period, he cannot afford to have them full time and the laws restrict him from Hiring for shorts period. The other nice little cop out is to employ people on a minimum contract of 16 hours per week but you tell them they will always get over the hours, great someone told me recently of a chap who worked a couple of years on a 48 hour week and then out the blue he was dropped to 16 hours with the obvious consequences he could not feed and house his family so he had to resign and go on the Dole this happened to several others. You guessed those that remained nearly all foreigners were back on a 48 week with a reduced staff ratio, and easy way to cut your staff without redundancy and any legal complications

Do the rich Union Barons campaign for British Jobs for British Workers NO do they campaign for Agency workers to given full time work for their employees NO.

Now I do not know everything that is told to me is true but taking a line form Shakespeare “Something is rotten in the state of Britain”

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