Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Independent Scotland

Independence for Scotland is on the cards most people think it will not happen but I disagree the SNP have two years to use propaganda to convince the Scottish people that they should leave the UK.  Scots like the Irish are very romantic about their homeland this often clouds their judgement, just mention William Wallace and they start shouting FREEDOM. My own personal opinion is the rot set in when the Scots and Wales were granted devolution but now it is to late, our strength lies in being United but the ones who will suffer will be an Independent Scotland us English will continue to prosper because the wealth of the UK comes from England and especially from London and the South.

So best of luck to the Scots its their decision to leave the Union? OR is it why aren’t the English, Welsh and Irish not having a say whether we want Scotland to remain in the Union?

How come Scotland, Ulster and Wales have devolution with their own Parliament or assembly yet we English are classified as British not English Why?

How is that the Scots can have a referendum on whether stay or leave the Union of Great Britain but we are not allowed a referendum on whether to stay or leave the European Dictatorship?

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