Monday, October 01, 2012

Race Night and the Oak

Had a great weekend, my son John organised a Race Night Club to raise money for the members of the Warriors Grappling Academy attending the World Sambo Championships in Minsk in November. It was a great family night and a cheap one just £2 to come in and you bring your own booze and food, this type of evening is becoming very popular as the cost of eating and drinking out is very expensive. John was always the lucky one in the family when it comes to a gamble, like his Grandfather, he won over a £100. The first prize raffle of a Brand new Ipad went to Jamie Marzetti one of the Clubs supper stars. I try and avoid a lot of alcohol as I get old the hang overs get worse but John’s mate Neil (lips) tempted me with some Bombay Sapphire Gin for those who like Gin you will know that is hard to resist only has three but still made fell rough the following day. John’s mate Neil and Stuart were both at the race night he known them since school days and it good to see them supporting him

Sunday John’s Girlfriend Vicky invited us for a meal at the Oak to celebrate her son’s Tom 18th Birthday. As I have mentioned a Portuguese guy Carlos runs the Oak, it more like a Continental Bar where you can drink and eat, with no loud music or football. A bit apprehensive about a traditional Roast Dinner being cooked by a Portuguese guy but boy was I wrong it was terrific. Have to admit it is the only Pub I feel comfortable in even to the extent I am going to get the Christmas Eve Club to meet there.

Some bad news through someone I know has just told me his 17 year old daughter is pregnant, have to be honest I would not know how to deal with the disgrace if one of my granddaughters was in the same position. I have warned my oldest grand children that anything like that would bring disgrace on the family and I would accept no excuses. He has now got to house the daughter, her boyfriend and the child. She is still at school and I hope she is not given a flat, which we the Taxpayer has to pay for. Have told my grand kids as I did my own children that should save themselves till they are married or at least till they old enough to understand all the consequences.

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