Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lazy English?

Why is that TV and the Press like slagging of British workman? on TV last night there was an item where a business advertised for workers and could not get anyone to do the job his answer was the English are to lazy to work. He and the TV crew went round to the local Dole office and asked a few people what they thought. That was when we found out that the guy was advertising for telesales working on commission, one guy said I would like a Job but telesales will not guarantee he will earn enough money to support his family, the employer said I can not guarantee you will make enough money to make minimum wage but if you work hard you may do? What sort of answer is that? Why did he not guarantee a low wage equivalent to minimum wage for 40 hours and said make over a certain amount I will give you a bonus of percentage of the sale, this will encourage people to work knowing they would be able to keep his family plus make extra. Give him a trial for month no good sack him.

One of my tenants is on the dole and saw a job for £12 an hour at Maidstone. He telephoned the company and was told it was one weeks work only and the dole told him he should have taken it , after a week he would be unemployed and have to register for unemployment with all the red tape that would take an age
The company of course was an Agency when will this government realise the way the agencies behave hinders people getting full time employment. Agencies should be made to employ their personnel on a full time basis even if it is at minimum wage. Agency Companies remind me of the film “On The Waterfront”

Just because I have written this letter doesn’t make me think our benefit system is right far from it and a lot of what the government is doing I think is right especially only allow those on long time benefit be able to purchase essentials only No Fags, No Booze, No Drugs and no Car you will soon see them trying to get a job but at then same time the employers have got to pay a living wage and us the public will have to realise we will have to pay more for our goods to compensate them

Martin Clarke

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