Thursday, October 04, 2012

Henderson MP and the Pleb

Here is an MP who tells you how it is

This ought to be sent out all MP's regardless of  Party. Gordon has not forgotten what it is to be ordinary a Pleb. Keep it coming Gordon we need MP's like you

The recent episode in which the Government Chief Whip allegedly called a Downing Street policeman “a pleb” got me thinking.
Andrew Mitchell denied the allegation and I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.  However, it would not surprise me if he has used such a disparaging remark on other occasions, because sadly this attitude is symptomatic of too many Members of Parliament.
And it is not just the MPs who went to public school who look down their noses at the “plebs” they consider inferior.  
There are members on both sides of the House who think themselves too important to be polite to the parliamentary staff, such as the clerks, door keepers, catering staff and cleaners, without whom they would be unable to function properly.
Some MPs are even rude to their own office staff, treating them like dirt. I find such behaviour inexplicable and quite unforgiveable.
But it is the difference in some backbench MPs when they are promoted to ministerial level that is the most unappealing; almost immediately they exude an air of self importance that borders on pomposity.
One of my colleagues from the 2010 intake of MPs was promoted in the recent reshuffle. It was somebody with whom I had got on well whilst sitting on the backbenches. I bumped into the new minister recently and extended my warmest congratulations, only to be blanked because the minister was in the company of a couple of Cabinet ministers. How sad.
The problem is that is that too many MPs have never had a real job and have no idea about the real world. Others have allowed their ambition to override the primary reason they are in Parliament, which is to represent their constituents.
In many ways I am lucky; I travel home to my constituency every day and have a closer relationship with my community than most of my colleagues.
I understand that there are plenty of people in Sittingbourne and Sheppey who will give me a deserved kick if I forget who I am, where I come from and who I represent!

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