Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poles give Blair an award

So Tony Blair is awarded  special prize from The Polish Government for encouraging Poles to move to the UK. Remember Tony Blair he was the Prime Minister who got into the financial mess we are in now, he was also the PM who put us into a war in Irag on a Lie i.e. Weapons of Mass destruction and now we find out that Polish is the second language what a surprise

I have to give the Pols some credit most of them work (all be it they work cheaper then Brits under cut our tradesman) they are very religious and we have seen a massive influx to Catholic churches but within 10 years all Catholic schools will be 80% Polish some of their food is interesting and Polish Vodka is quite pleasant except the Poles can't handle their drink. The one thing I have noticed with all the immigrants they will not integrate into local community. Our Martial Arts Club has had two lithuanians for a few months and now has one Polish family  if they want to be accepted they should learn to integrate.  

The Left wing Guardian Newspaper exalts them saying they are marvellous Carpenters and Plumbers but I wonder if they have any recognised qualifications?

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