Monday, June 23, 2014

Education in the 1960's 70's was better?

Expect a plan in the Tory manifesto to encourage recent retirees to become teachers. the idea is the brainchild of the 2020 Group, who went to Downing Street to present their proposals to Cameron and Jo Johnson, Boris’s younger brother, who is drafting the manifesto. 
‘Teach Seniors’ aims to use the experience of those who have just finished work to educate the next generation. 
No 10 is also looking at plans to encourage young mothers to set up businesses and ways to put more money into Local Enterprise partnerships. 

This is a brilliant idea. I left school in April 1965 when I was 15 years 3 months old, I could Read Write and do Arithmetic this used be called the 3 R’s the corner stone of education in my day. All of my friends could do the same, as could 95% of kids leaving school. So why is that there is more kids then ever leaving school unable to do the 3 R’s? I have heard all the arguments bad parenting, not eating the right food, the environment etc. yes this may be all true (maybe) but surely it comes down to the quality of teaching. In my day all lot of the teachers had been the armed forces or be in industry they had experience of life. Sadly today Teachers and Politicians go from School to University then into teaching or politics.  Politicians become obsessed with the their Parties agenda rather then giving the people what they want and a many teachers become left wing militants. Of course I am exaggerating and I expect a lot of teachers want to do a good job but are they are not allowed to treat Teaching as a vocation rather then Job. Results seem to be the answer of the day, kids must have a piece of paper and an Ology BUT surely the aim is to produce a child by the time they are 16 to be able to do the 3 r’s and have all round knowledge? In the 1950’s and 60’s we had Secondary Modern Schools, Technical Schools and Grammar Schools, 95% of children from Primary Schools on reaching Senior School age could read and write. 
Locally if you lived London Side of Park Road you went to Westland’s lived the other side of Park Road you went St Johns or Rowena. Myself and my friends did not do to bad out of that system

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