Friday, June 13, 2014

Do Not Send Money To OXFAM-Look after your own kids


MAX HASTINGS: Yes, Oxfam does great things. But why does it get taxpayers' cash to pump out socialist propaganda?

Oxfam’s 2013 accounts show that one-third of its income goes in staff costs - including its chief executive’s salary of £106,000 and those of a dozen other senior staff who receive in excess of £80,000 a year

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The only thing I agree with this OXFAM Poster is "Zero Hour Contracts" this should have be outlawed, when I see this it reminds me of the marlon Brando film "On The Waterfront" where dockers would line up every morning outside the Docks Gates hoping to get picked for a days work

HIGH PRICES: Because of stores like Lidl and Aldi prices have been coming down in all Supermarkets
BENEFIT CUTS: About time to there are to many people sponging of the state refusing to work
UNEMPLOYMENT:  Is at its lowest level for 5 years and could be better if got rid of foreign workers. One of the reasons its is falling is because those who have been fiddling Benefits have been caught out and made to work
CHILDCARE COSTS: This is one thing that has always annoyed why does the state have to pay for someone to have children? Maybe if they stopped paying for Children and Child Care we would have less single mothers and parents would go back to looking after their own children rather then letting others do it and before you all start I know there are exceptions to the rule. Look at the article below 

It is about time that these scummy parents took responsibility for their kids but you can be assured that OXFAM, Labour, LibDems and other left wing groups will condemn it but it is not always those who are on benefit that are feckless. Those parents who put their jobs and careers before their children are just as bad.

Feckless parents may be stripped of their benefits ... unless they take lessons in raising family
    Plan to slash benefits for parents of unruly children or those with poor diet
    Senior conservatives developing the proposals in advance of 2015 election
    Prime Minister David Cameron is currently deciding on election manifesto

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