Saturday, June 14, 2014

What Country Do I Live In

Can someone tell me what Country I am living in? Tony Blair of WMD fame plus his Labour and LibDem mates want us to stay in the EU. Listening to them is like saying the patients have taken over the Nut House

Illegal migrants pour into Britain: How we have lost control of the UK's borders

ONLY one in every 70 migrants suspected of being in the country illegally is arrested, Home Office figures revealed last night.

The figures – reporting that the foreign nationals come from 159 different countries, one from nearly every nation on earth – have sparked fresh calls for Britain to quit the EU and reclaim control of our frontiers.
Critics say the problem is the result of a soft-touch approach to immigration over decades and the majority of hard-working Britons now put it as one of their major concerns.

Nearly four million immigrants have arrived since 1997

English is not the first language for ONE MILLION pupils, shocking figures have shown
THE number of children in Britain who do not have English as their mother tongue has rocketed to more than a million.

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