Monday, June 23, 2014

World and Country Fruit

I can’t wait for this World Cup to finish all we get on the main TV Channels is Football and Football, I expect once that is finished we will be plagued with X Factor or some of those ridiculous Comedian shows where has all the Drama gone? I having to watch re-runs on other channels
What bugs me with Football is not peoples obsession with it, or the amount of money spent on players BUT countries who are poor spending £billions on the World Cup. Brazil has hundreds of thousands of its people in poverty but the government spend its much-needed finances on this sporting event. South Africa who ran the last World Cup is still in debt from this venture and they have the most corrupt government going plus they have more people living in poverty ridden shantytowns then during apartheid.
One thing I will not get rid is the boring football talk in a pub and after Judo

I reminded the other day that our soldiers, sailors and airman are closes to us then we think, I recently spoke to my friend Barry Mannering asked how his son Ryan is as I knew he flew in the Iraq war and was pleased to hear he is now a RAF Wing Commander

 Out at the weekend as it was a nice Summers Day there is a lot to visit in Kent, was tempted to visit Brogdale Fruit Farm but thought No as they were organising a Strawberry Fair and knew they would be flooded with people. So we went to Beech Court Garden Tea Rooms and Gardens Challock lovely little place a typical English venue

Then we went I considered the best Place to buy Strawberries and Cherries that is Chilton Manor Farm Sittingbourne, they have people travelling from London to pick their Strawberries worth a visit

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