Saturday, June 28, 2014

Letter to Nigel Farage

Dear Mr Farage

I recently voted for UKIP in the European Elections because I believe in leaving the EU  and the Establishment needed a bloody nose. Now we have returned to practicalities and the Fact is that the Conservatives are the only ones offering an In Out Referendum, although I support your ideal the truth is you will not make the next Government. My ideal would be a Coalition of UKIP and The Conservatives, this will not happen if you target Conservative marginals, the irony could be your success in taking several Conservatives seats would stop us getting a Referendum by allowing either a Labour Government in or worse a LibLab Coalition

Your Sittingbourne/Sheppey branch has said according to the Sun they could take this seat, this highly unlikely but what they could do is split the Conservative vote and allow Labour back in. Yet Gordon Henderson is an extremely good Conservative MP well liked and well known  who like yourself backs EU Referendum in fact he wants out of the EU. So why target a friend and someone with the same ideals? UKIP will no doubt get a lot of votes in the Constituency but as you are aware General Elections also rely on the Local People knowing their candidate and it has to be said your UKIP representative here, although I expect very nice chap, is not known

The Country will never forgive UKIP if they cost the only Party prepared to offer a Referendum a defeat with the result we have a Pro EU Government who will allow laws that that takes us to a United States of Europe which will eventually make it illegal for GB to  leave. If the other parties agree to a referendum that would be a different situation altogether

IF we get a Conservative Government IF we get a Referendum, us EURO realists will need as many friends as we can get because the EU and their lap dogs like Ken Clark will put billions into false propaganda

My vote will be for Gordon Henderson and I will campaign for him and you should be targeting the Enemies of GB the Labour and LibDems

Martin Clarke

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