Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Immigrants are needed because they breed

Can you believe the Labour Party views on immigration you have Tony Blair saying that immigration has nothing to with British people being unemployed he tells us that British People are uneducated that’s why they cannot get a Jobs? So the people from Romania, Sudan and all the other 3rd world countries are more educated then our people? If that is the case who was in power from 1997 till 2010 of course Labour. Yes Tony Blair and his comrades who got us into the mess we are in now but of course it is not his fault its UKIP. Blair lied to us about Immigration and Iraq the man who is now a multi Millionaire blame everyone else why he lives in luxury. Then we have that stupid women saying we need immigrants as they breed better then us and we need them to keep things going

Breed for Britain! Without immigrants women will need 'a lot of children' to save economy, claims Labour MP Stella Creasy
·       Party rising star says migrants crucial to support growing number of elderly
·       Claims Nigel Farage is 'deeply unpatriotic' because he wants UK 'decline'
·       Also claims saying leadership takes 'balls' sexist as it is 'gender specific'

·       Accuses Farage of giving unemployed Brits a 'grievance' with immigrants
·       Ridicules idea the country's problems would be solved with 'fewer Poles' 
·       But accepts rise of UKIP is a 'wake up call' for British and European leaders
·       Rules himself out of running to be next European Commission President

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