Monday, June 30, 2014

Carlos and Kim tie the knot

 Kim & Carlos Marry

Last Friday I attended the wedding of Taste of Portugal Proprietors Kim and Carlos’s Wedding. He obviously listened to me and made honest women of her. The wedding was held at the Methodist Church followed by the reception at the Taste of Portugal

The Church Wedding for me as a Catholic was totally different type of service. The Methodist Church is a very light and airy place; the service was very joyful and sometimes humorous. First order of the day was not a Hymn but the song “Lord of the Dance” this was great and I had a real good sing along with the rest of the guests, the second was a hymn “The Lord is My Shepherd” again I opened up my lungs in spite of the digs in the ribs from Valerie. The service was not a solemn as a RC Service but you felt the presence of the Big Man Upstairs and it was very enjoyable which a Wedding is all about. The one thing I was pleased about that during the service the words “Marriage is a Union between a Man and a Women” and I thank God for those few words.

Marriage is starting to become more popular yet again, by the end of the year I will have attend three maybe not as many as I would have attended in the 1970’s/80’s but maybe now people see a true commitment to a relationship is marriage. There are many words of today that have had there meaning changed or twisted and one is PARTNER. This now refers to people living together, now to me a Partner was when you signed up a legal document in a proper partnership. In reality the only people who can call each other a Partner is those that are married or in a Civil Partnership

Any way back to the fun after the ceremony it was back to the Taste of Portugal for the reception and what a feast there was to be. Several tables filled with Portuguese food my favourite was the Suckling Pig, and the Prawns and the Chicken and the Paella, well everything actually. 

Then there was free booze all night plus a live band how could you want for anything more, mind you I suffered the following day. The thing with a live band they get everyone up dancing obviously this was down to the music not the excessive amount of alcohol. It was a great day and night and big thank you to Carlos and Kim for allowing us to come it will be a day I will not forget and I wish them years of happiness

John and Martin say thank you to Taste of Portugal Head and Shoulders above the rest

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