Monday, June 09, 2014

A bit of truth about Food Banks

There is a lot being said about Food Banks especially by the Labour Party their Luvvies and the hard up charities NOT. Just remind people that Food Banks started in 2000 guess who was in power then?

Can I give you two examples of my dealings with Food Bank recipients? Most of you know I rent out flats well two of my tenants who are on benefit recently received Food Bank Aid. Both had their benefit suspended because they had been moved to another benefit, both went straight to the Food bank and got aid all they had to do was produce the letter stating that their benefit had stopped. One received a food parcel plus a voucher for his electricity the other received a food parcel. These two parcels were delivered to them about £40 worth each

 Nobody came and checked to see if they were in need of Food, both had ample food in their cupboards and Fridge/Freezer etc. for about a month, this was without their food parcels. One was a heavy drinker and kept on drinking the other was a smoker and owned a car which he continued to use.

After two to three weeks they were reinstated and their money back paid. Were they asked to repay the Food Bank NO.  So they received over £40 worth of food free this saving allowed them to buy more tobacco and alcohol.

This is not a made up story if I wanted to I could name both gentleman. If there is a need for food banks (which I have my doubts) there should be a set of checks and balances and then maybe we can get to the truth.

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