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How does the BBC get away with its blatantly racialist plan to ensure that one in every seven actors or presenters is black, Asian or from an ethnic minority within three years?
When are we going to judge people not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character, as Martin Luther King said we should?
Anyway, if it’s diversity the BBC wants, it could start by employing any journalists at all who aren’t fanatically Green or Left-wing.

BBC spends £500k to ask 33,000 Asians 5,000 miles from UK what they think of climate change: Corporation savaged for 'astonishing' campaign survey on global warming
·       BBC under fire after spending hundreds of thousands on survey in Asia
·       Taxpayers' money used to ask 33,000 people their views on climate change
·       More than £500,000 spent by little-known BBC Media Action for survey

·       Diane Coyle tipped to become the next chairman of the BBC Trust
·       As it is claimed she allowed vital facts to remain hidden from the public
·       Culture Secretary urged to investigate whether she is fit to be chairman

Below is an excerpt from article by Dan Hannan MEP Read on. Do we really want to be run by Germany?

At teatime on Friday, it became clear that Britain could no longer remain a member of the EU. Any hope that we might change  its nature – make it looser,  more flexible, more attuned to its nation states – was coldly extinguished. Knocking British objections aside, EU leaders entrusted the top slot to a man who has never hidden his support for a United States of Europe.
Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Luxembourg leader who has just been chosen to run the world’s most powerful bureaucracy, wants a common EU citizenship, with reciprocal voting rights at national elections.
He wants to merge the various foreign offices into a European diplomatic corps. He wants a pan-European minimum wage,  a federal police force and army, and harmonised taxes.

Look at this and tell me they are not a load of Perverts
·       Austrian drag queen headline act for this year's festival celebrating rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
·       Sir Ian McKellen will introduce Eurovision winner, other celebrities including Graham Norton supporting the event
·       Thousands of people paraded from Baker Street to Trafalgar Square in fancy dress with empowering posters

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