Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Muslims are they our enemy

I have been quite tolerant of the Moslem faith after all they do worship the same god of Abraham like Christians and Jews but the Muslim followers are now harbouring evil people and they are doing nothing about it. The greatest threat to the World and GB are Muslim Extremists with hundreds of Muslims from GB joining these terrorist groups throughout the World and returning here to commit terrorist acts in GB. The Muslim community know who these people are yet failing to report them or stop them. The time has come to treat every Muslim as an enemy of the state until they put their own house in order and the British Government should stop curtailing to there demands.

What a great idea making people who live in the UK speak English! Maybe I will be able to walk down the high street again and hear English spoken. I have to watch Darling Buds of May to remind what England was like before Tony Blair and his Labour Party ruined it

Immigrants must speak English and should have access to benefits restricted, say Britons: Opinion poll finds 95% believe the language is cornerstone of Britishness
·       Annual British social attitudes poll of 3,000 people revealed latest findings
·       95 per cent of population think people must speak English to be British
·       The survey also revealed 77 per cent of people want immigration reduced

This could do us a favour maybe we will get a Referendum early but do not guarantee a vote to leave as the EU will spend millions on Propagander and promises for us to remain in

EU is 'sleepwalking into a crisis' warns senior diplomat who believes appointment of arch-federalist as president will hasten Britain's exit

·       Jean-Claude Juncker seen as front-runner despite serious British concerns
·       German Chancellor Angela Merkel set to back the former Luxembourg PM
·       David Cameron strongly opposes Mr Juncker's appointment as  President


'My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head': How al-Shabaab militia went from door to door killing non-Muslims as Kenyan village watched World Cup

·       Kenya attack happened as residents watched World Cup matches last night
·       Authorities have blamed al-Shabaab, Somalia's al-Qaida-linked terror group
·       Assault happened in Mpeketoni which is 60 miles from Somali border
·       Witnesses say gunmen went door to door asking if residents spoke Somali
·       If the answer was no they shot them dead on their doorstep, say locals
·       Images of Iraqi men being shot dead in a ditch by ISIS militants shock world
·       Taliban insurgents hack off fingers of 11 men for voting in general election
·       Search continues for three Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas in Palestine
·       Former Nigerian president says kidnapped schoolgirls may never be found

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Totally agree with this women maybe some films and programmes can justify this as part of say a pub scene with working men but nothing else. One of the reason I do not have a personal Facebook is because of the bad language, I can understand someone getting annoyed and blurting it out in anger or frustration but to physical type in out is indefensible it just shows a lack of education and certainly a lack of Vocabulary

Any swearing before 9pm and the TV's off, says Sian: Former Breakfast host says bad language is curse of modern programmes

·       Mother-of-four said she switches off when she hears bad language
·       She said the phrase that angers her the most is 'Oh my God'
·       In 2012, Williams left BBC Breakfast after refusing to relocate to Salford

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