Monday, July 07, 2014

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Weekend in my Caravan ruined by the rain, in this day and age you would have thought the Weather Forecasters would get it right just once. So resorted to watching old programmes of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, which I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy. The interesting part of the programme is the time period it was the start of Maggie Thatcher’s reign (a real leader) and because of the previous Labour Government ineptitude there was massive unemployment. So men had to travel abroad, in one episode Bomber is confronted by his wife who moaned about him working abroad his response was “ I do not work and go on the dole we do not survive” Now compare that with today, after the Blair Government, we have a benefit system where it does not pay to work. I know of a young women with two children who’s husband has deserted her she works part time and still get £200 a week from the Government. When my children were young in the 1970’s all we got was Child allowance which In 1975, the rate was increased to £1.50 (£7.20p today) for each child per week after the first and we did not go begging for food either. In those days if you could not afford something you did not have it, your first priority was to pay your rent/mortgage and buy your food and you were looked down upon if you sponged of the state, 
The Labour Government of Tony Blair has made this country a haven for the lazy and feckless. Another interesting piece was that Germany had recycling bins back in the 1980’s.

The cost of Caravanning is no longer cheap sites now average between £25/£30 a night, the annual service is about £250, Annual storage is approx. £350, Insurance £250 on top of that you have to change your tyres every 5 years, the tyres have a date on them and with the cost fuel it is no longer the perfect cheap holiday but I still enjoy it, may have to cut back on my 6 foreign holidays a year (JOKE)

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