Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bad Move to get rid of Gove

Cameron Cabinet reshuffle has caused quite a stir because of the sacking of many ministers. Shame Cameron did not sack himself that would have been the perfect reshuffle. I am glad they have got rid of Dominic Grieve Attorney General and Ken Clark both have been kicked out, both of them were Pro EU and Pro European Court of Human Rights both of which have been a disaster for this Country, Hague has passed his sell by date but getting rid of Michael Gove was a mistake he was the only one to stand to teachers and their disgraceful performance teaching the UK’s Children. I have often said being taught in the 1950’s and 1960’s produced 99% of children leaving school at 15 knowing how to read, write and do maths plus they respected authority and discipline i.e the 3 R’s Can that be said of the youth today who have to stay in school till they are 18 NO

My concern is that people are not given Jobs because of their capabilities; they are being rewarded because they are Female, Minority or Gay. Government Positions should be given on Merit not on so called Positive Discrimination. The Conservatives are now wanting to select potential MP’s on a Female only list why? Just to appease the so-called political elite We the Public want the best person for the job irrelevant of Gender or sexual preference

On Friday, I wondered what had happened to the Government’s much-trumpeted £26,000 benefits cap. This was in relation to a story about the father-of-13 from Ipswich claiming that his 300 koi carp had been poisoned by someone who resented the fact that his family gets £53,000 a year from the taxpayer.
Mail reader Keith Watson thinks he has the answer. ‘Obviously, each of the two council houses knocked together to accommodate the family qualifies for £26,000. The other £1,000 was for the upkeep of the now deceased koi carp.’

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