Saturday, July 05, 2014

The West should Unite against Islam-Fat women

I have to wonder what is a matter with the USA, UK and the EU our biggest enemy and threat to World peace is Militant Islamist and what do these three main powers do “pick a fight with Russia” yes pick a fight all over Ukraine. It was the EU who caused this problem when they orchestrated an illegal take over of the Democratic Elected Government in Ukraine purely for their own financial gain, this was helped by the USA who want the deep seaports in Crimea.

The EU Government of Ukraine are now performing military attacks on the people of Easter Ukraine murdering civilians and why because they want independence. What would happen if we did that with Scotland? The easy answer is give them a referendum organised by the United Nations let the people decide not the power hungry Ukrainian Government and their allies the EU.

USA, UK, NATO should be working with the Russian to destroy the evil Islamists as should those in the Arab world who believe in freedom and humanity for all the peoples of the World. The obvious answer is military action but that can the affect of alienating Muslims more concentration should be finding out where they get their weapons and most importantly where they get their money. If we can can cut of their money then they will be easily beaten.

I am in my Caravan again this weekend in Whitstable and I am still amazed by the amount of Huge Fat Women we have in this country and many of them are not even in their mid thirties, their dress sense is horrendous and as for those ugly tattoos which everyone accept myself and Valerie have are disgusting. Do they ever look in a mirror and what about their husbands and boyfriends why do they not tell them to lose weight and there clothes they are wearing are not suitable. When Valerie says to me what do you think of the outfit I will tell her the truth. Yet more important then everything I have said about their cosmetic look it is their health they should be worried as the women I refer to are not a few pounds overweight they many stones overweight. It is a tragedy to lose someone who exceedingly fat but has a nice disposition those who knew Big Brenda who died in her mid fifties because of her weight will know what I mean 

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