Thursday, July 10, 2014

Climate Change- Teachers On Strike

Many People like me have wondered about the Propaganda put out by the Green Lobbyist on Climate change so it is no Surprise that that Lord Lawson is banned by the BBC. More and More we are seeing minority groups like Greens and Gays getting more and more power and influence at the expense of the majority

'I've been banned by the BBC!': Ex-Chancellor Lord Lawson, a passionate climate change sceptic, accuses BBC bosses of silencing debate on global warming

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It did not need an expert to tell us that immigration is having a negative knock-on effect on who our workforce BUT read further down and see why employers are using immigrants, it does not say much for our education system, Teachers and parenting ability. Yet Teachers are striking today they want more money and feel they are over worked?  How many School Holidays are there in a Year?

I took the following from the letter page
Someone gave me a laugh this morning saying some teachers on the minimum of £30,000 a year are having to go to food banks!, I am on pension and would be loving that much money, these people should look for other jobs if they think they deserve more pay and pension,. The whole country has to wait longer for their pensions, at least they will get one! My grandson works for £18.000 a year and thinks he is lucky to have a job in a warehouse, he also has a young daughter and partner to feed but they do not go to food banks, they also do not smoke or drink. I think public sector workers should go on financial management courses to learn to manage their money!.

Mass immigration to parts of Britain HAS driven down wages of the poor and put pressure on services, official report finds
·       Migration Advisory Committee says parts of the country 'struggling to cope'
·       Influx of foreign workers has 'negative impact on the wages of the low paid'
·       Government advisors also attack 'feeble' penalties on firms breaking law
·       Reveals companies can expect HMRC investigation just once in 250 years
·       Employers hit with prosecution for not paying basic wage every million years

Firms forced to take on migrants because school leavers don't even have basic skills
·       Businesses have had to turn to workers from overseas
·       They are better qualified, more reliable and confident
·       Young Britons do not have the good ‘manners’ needed to work in shops

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