Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gay Cake

So the Gay mafia once again pounce, this time it is about a Gay Cake. It seem that a Christian Baker in Northern Ireland refused to bake a cake which celebrated gay Marriage they are now being taken to court and in all probability will have to pay compensation to this disgusting Homosexual who brought the case. This not about equality it is about getting money from decent hardworking Christian people.
The Disgusting Cake promoting Abnormal Marriage We need a PUTIN

What is this obsession with the Media, Press, Celebrities and Politicians trying to promote the abnormal sexual behaviour of just 1.5% of the population? They pontificate about equality fairness etc., yet they are the same people who have been involved in Mass paedophilia, sexual abuse and phone hacking but they all consider themselves above the Law and the Moral Codes of the British People. “Don’t Do AS I Do As I Say”

When will they realise that the majority of the population do not have Gay friends or relatives, this is not surprising when there is only 1.5% who are Gay. Quote from the Guardian the left leaning Pro Gay paper “The claim that just 1.5% of people in Britain are gay, lesbian or bisexual will come as a surprise to some - even perhaps those in government. When they were analysing the financial implications of the new Civil Partnerships Act, the Treasury estimated it was 6%. Stonewall, a gay rights charity reckon that 5-7% "is a reasonable estimate". You can see the propaganda put out by the Gay mafia and government to condone Same Sex Marriage

I know only 4 Gay men I do not know any Lesbian women, the 4 Gay men I know and they are not friends, are decent sought of chaps. None of them are camp none of them trying to thrust their sexuality down your throat, all of them are just normal blokes what they do in their bedroom they keep to themselves and that is the way it should be. Unlike the Gay Mafia whom in fact is political pressure group not fighting for equal rights but fighting for extra rights for just 1.5% and I wonder out of that 1.5% how many actually support this militant line

YET more importantly then the GAY issue it is the fundamental right of every UK Subject to be able to associate with whom they want. If this Gay Rights Con Man wins this case where do things stop. Could I be forced to advertise a rival Martial Arts Club in my Dojo? Could a UKIP office be forced to advertise the EU? Could a Butcher be forced to put up a sign condemning meat eaters and promote Vegetarians? I could go on. Will this come to pass? Already we Landlords have been told that people are trying to bring in a law where we can not refuse someone applying for a Tenancy and what about the rumour that Labour will force people in houses with spare bedrooms to take on a lodger? A ridiculous idea but with the PC Guru Harriet Harman in any Government everything is possible, you remember Harriet she was a lawyer for a organisation that supported PIE. Paedophile Information Exchange

I detest David Cameron he personally has done a great deal to destroy the Moral fabric of this Country BUT I will still vote Conservative because they are the only ones who will give us a vote on the EU. My hope is that they get back in and then there is Coup to oust Cameron and he can retire to the LIBDEMS

PM rejects call for law change in gay cake row: Cameron declines to support 'conscience clause' to protect Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs
·       Prime Minister David Cameron dismisses idea of creating a 'conscience' clause to protect Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs
·       Comes amid controversy over equality watchdog's decision to sue a Christian bakery which refused to bake a cake celebrating gay marriage
·       Clashes between gay rights movement and traditional religious beliefs fuelling political and legal debate over rights of Christians

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