Friday, July 25, 2014

Gay Kiss by that famous Scottish/American Actor John Barrowman MBE YES MBE

The Commonwealth Games is unique that it gives a lot athletes who would not normally qualify for the Olympics to compete and win medals in a Major Sporting Event. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island is exactly what it says we are a nation of many kingdoms. i.e. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey. Each one of these countries sends a team to this friendly event, Yes we know the standard is not the same as the Olympics but what it does it allows more people to compete in a spectacular friendly games with a  common language English. The Commonwealth is a progression from the Old British Empire.

I did not watch the opening ceremony but it seems to have mixed revues but the important part is the Games itself and the athletes. Yet some people cannot resist putting politics into these events on this occasion it was that Disgusting Gay Kiss. Why bring a person sexuality into the Games surely that is up to the individual, does anyone ask when they are selected whether they are Gay or not NO. This is once again a small minority trying to impose on the majority there ideas, remember there are only 1.5% who are Gay Not only was this unnecessary but insulting to all the other Commonwealth Nations.  The Gay Militants along with their showbiz friends said this made them proud to be British WELL it made me feel ashamed that this Games has been used as a vehicle for a few peoples Political Ambitions, already the Games have been Called the “Gay Kiss Games” all those achievements by organisers and athletes will be overridden by John Barrowman who is quoted has said he does not care what people think after his performance, well the people of Scotland will care

Did You Know that John Barrowman has an MBE what For? Because he is a Gay Actor? What idiot gives out these honours or is not what you know or who you know? or do you buy them? With what is coming out of Parliament at the moment, one wonders is for favours rendered?

John Barrowman, the Scottish-American actor, singer, dancer and presenter, kissed one of the performers during the ceremony. 
In what was seen as a clear message to the 42 countries of the Commonwealth where it is still a crime to be gay, Glasgow-born Barrowman reached out to kiss the man before holding his hand during a sequence to celebrate Gretna Green.
Craig Drummond tweeted: ‘It makes me strangely proud to be Scottish that John Barrowman can kiss a man on live tv.’
Barrowman is openly gay and married.

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