Monday, July 21, 2014

Come Dine and Peter Hitchins

I have become a fan of Come Dine With Me I find it extremely funny and can not believe how spiteful these people can be. The easy way to win this competition is to always mark down extremely low your opponents. Now if I entered the competition I would get a few friends round and have a rehearsal so I got everything right on the day. Yet why would anyone invite strangers around to your house for a meal and to snoop at your belongs?
They have now extended the concept to Couple Come Dine With Me and as per usual with TV they have to have a pair of Gays involved in nearly every episode. TV like the media and Politicians are convinced that 25% of the population are Gay when the truth is they are just 1.5%. Yet on this occasion they do add a bit of fun to the proceeding, as all the programmes I have seen the Gay Couples are really camp and mince about in what they do and say. It is like the Gay comedians who are really effeminate you just can’t help laughing; these Gay couples have certainly found their neesh. One of the best part was when they were asked at the dinner table what annoyed them about each other, one said my Husband leaves marks in his pants the other retorted You’re the Husband not me “OOH Scratch yours eyes out”

Love Peter Hitchens description of Stephen Fry totally agree also his analysis  of the Ukraine Disaster
"I can't stand Stephen Fry – smug, vain, tedious Leftist that he is"

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PETER HITCHENS: Mourn the victims... but don't turn one tragedy into a global catastrophe 

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