Monday, July 21, 2014

Cars Have cost me a Fortune

The other day I was talking with a friend and he asked what was the best car I ever had. That left me to think and I had to say it was a Volvo 240 Saloon and the most expensive was VW Caravelle which cost £18,000 which was a lovely vehicle but so expensive to maintain in a two year period I spent £6000 on repairs I ended up selling it for £10,000 an extremely expensive car. Now I have a 7 seater Nissan Pathfinder for a big car it is economical capable of pulling my twin axle caravan and only cost £8,000 and this one will do till it falls apart. Cars have always cost me money, any way when I look back I never realised how many vehicle I had and the fortune I spent below are photos of the Various vehicles I have had since I was 17.
Hillman Husky my first car

VW Varient

Bedford Ambulance used this for a club minibus and drive a Team to the World Sambo Championships in Pau France 1986 

Another Ambulance over the years I had 4 

Bedford Van again used this for the Club

A35 had to take front seat pout and drive from the back seat it was so small It was an exchange for a bad debt

VW Caravelle

MK 3 Cortina

MK 2 Cortina had two of these

Ford Zephyr 6

Ford Anglia

Ford Prefect I had had the Popular version

Discovery two of these always something going wrong with these

Nissen Pathfinder

Ford Ranger had two these good vehicle

Rover 3.5 the only thing this did not pass was petrol stations
Bedford Rascal also had the Suzuki Carry Van 

Vauxl Victor had two of theses

Toyota Hiace Mini Bus

Vauxhall Viva Estate

Vauxhall Viva

Volvo 240 Estate
Ford Camper
Peugeot Boxer

Volvo 240 I had three of them

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