Monday, July 14, 2014

Complaints to NHS and NatWest

Over the last couple of days I have had to make a couple of complains one to the NHS see below and one to NatWest. 
The NatWest complaint was about the delay in sending my activation code for Internet Banking, this was dealt with and I also received £50 compensation for the delay. I await the outcome from the NHS. What annoys me with the NHS and other Government Institutions is they always have an excuse mainly about resources but a lot of the time it is about being inefficient and the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing

Complaint Reference Diabetes Clinic

To Whom It May Concern

During February 2014 I visited my diabetic nurse she was concerned that my diabetes type 2 test strip figures was on the increase. This obviously was of some concern to me, so she referred me to a Mr Scobie Diabetic Clinic Medway Maritime Hospital. The appointment took Three and half months that in its self should have been a matter of complaint. On the 28th May I attended the clinic and was seen by two other specialist, they informed me that I was to stop taking some of the tablets and I would have to inject myself with insulin. This would be supervised by nurses in my area. A week later I visited my doctor to tell him what happened, he chastised me for stopping the tablets and he said you stop them when you are put on insulin. to my knowledge he has not received any information from the Diabetic Clinic. 6 weeks later I have not received any communication form the Diabetic Clinic or anyone else about my Insulin treatment, I have telephoned on several occasions only to get an answer phone I leave my relevant  details and never get a reply. Today I telephone 01634 833863 an answering machine told me this lady only worked Monday to Wednesday I was then to to telephone Mr Scobie's Secretary 01634 833864 yet another answer machine this time telling she was on holiday and would not be in the office

This is a disgraceful state of affairs especially as all we see in the Press and TV is the dangers of Diabetes and how should seek medical advice, yet the inefficiency of this department beggars belief. I trust this will receive your immediate attention


Martin Clarke

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