Monday, July 21, 2014

Gay Lobbyist

I have made my disdain about same sex marriage/Gay marriage, I will never accept it no matter what the Government says and will always think of it as a perversion of  true marriage which between a man and a women. I was recently sent some photographs and an article on Lesbians and Gay marriage by a Gay Lobbyist group, maybe be they thought they could convert me? Sorry the thought of kissing and fondling a man is not in my remit, I like being normal. It seems my Blogs have reached the parts other blogs cannot reach but what I can not understand is why these Lesbians want to dress up as a man and women? I am completely ignorant to the Lesbian lifestyle is that one of them want to be a man and why do many  of them look so masculine? I am told this is the butch look and defines them from every day females and is a statement of identity. Homosexuals in a relationship still dress as men, one would would have thought the point of being a Lesbian is that you want to be with another women presumably with one that looks like a women. Yet I am pleased they are reading my blogs and hope they continue to do so

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