Thursday, January 01, 2015

Goodbye 2014

So out goes 2014 in comes 2015 a year where I will be 65 and picking up my pension. Do not feel 65 mentally but my body has taken its toll of Weightlifting, Training, International level Sambo, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Have had a replacement knee and hip pus operation on my elbow to sort out my damaged hand. Seems the nerves that go to your hand go through your Elbow, hence lost the muscles in between the thumb and fingers. Hopefully this year I will have my other knee replaced was told in September it would be done in January No chance but that is another story.  Have I regretted what I have done over the years NOT A CHANCE would do it all again without a doubt been to some fantastic place, met fantastic people and won lots of medals and honours, plus I am still with the same women, Valerie, I met when I was 17 years old can you ask for more

This year I have been to Portugal in January, Tenerife in April, Japan in November, Cyprus and Germany in December plus had many long weekends in the Caravan. I suppose the real highlight was being one of the main organisers for the Brilliant “Presidents Cup” held at the Glow Dartford. I have organised World, European, British and Regional Championship in many Martial Arts and Combat Disciplines but this has to be the pinnacle of my career as President of the BSF. As for next year depending on how and when they operate on my knee, I will be in Tenerife with some friends in March, Dutch Open in March, Europeans Croatia May, June Louvre France, Masters October Israel, November Worlds Morocco, European Olympic Games Baku Azerbaijan Plus weekends away in my Caravan, Lets hope the money does not run out. Certainly will be exciting year and I am back Coaching Sambo.

2014 was unusual time for the rest of the Family my son John has eventually sold his house the last final tie with his ex wife this marriage lasted about 2 months, he is now engaged to Rebecca. Donna has met a new chap Paul who is a very nice guy who rarely touches alcohol unlike like her last husband so good news for her. Susan is just finalising her Divorce, her ex husband cheated on her some 5 years ago, these things happen but what annoys me is the cost of the divorce which so far has cost £4000 and the fact that the father of her children is arguing over what he should pay, seems that if you a Man in employment under PAYE you pay a realist amount for your children but if you are Self Employed they have to go the accounts you present?????  Lets hope he does the right thing by his children and lets hope she is not made homeless. Suffered with Kidney Stones in 2014 and got rushed of to hospital, this was the most painful thing I have ever had and I sympathise with anyone who has had them

Two of my ex pupils have been very ill those year Marcella O’Hare who I always classed as my third daughter has been recovering from a Tumour but is on the mend slowly, still very depressed but I sure she will make a recovery 2015 can only get better for her.  Both Val and myself have a lot of love for her
Lucy Avis a young mother of 39 has multiple Cancer and the prognosis is not good but she is a fighter and has spent Christmas with her family in Disney Land.  Where medical help may not help her prayers might, remember where this is life there is hope. Once again Val and myself have a lot of love for her.

Both were very good Judoka and as such fighters I hope that fighting instinct will pull them through

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