Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back to Blighty

Browned Off 

I have now retuned to Blighty from my Holiday in Tenerife, which both myself and Valerie enjoyed . For the first time in many years we holidayed with friends, not always a good idea most of the time you go out as friends and return as enemies.  This was not the case when we travelled with Keith and Wendy Whyman; we were not in each other’s pockets and met mainly either round the pool or in the Bar in the evening. Keith a school friend of mine and EC member of the Christmas Eve Club was very generous he even paid ½ of the Taxi fare and his saying of “don’t tell me what to do” resonated with me and most married men, both were good company.
Did have a bit of fright while bathing in the sea, walked out to chest height and tripped on a boulder and under I went.  

As I have 2 replacement knees (Judo/Sambo have been good to me) they only go to right angle when bending, every time I tried to get up a wave knocked me down. I manage to crawl, swim to near the shore and was in just a few feet of water but every time I tried pushing myself up a wave knocked me down. I was too proud to ask for help, silly I know.  So there was me splashing like about like a beached Whale when luckily enough a Gent came over with the question “Are you alright” I answered No I am not and he pulled me up, it seems his wife had the same experience a few moments before my incident. What was worse when I got back to the lounger the people were talking about a big man who couldn’t stand because of the wave, needless to say I did not swim in that part of the Beach  area again.
Pool was good
The Hotel Hovima had changed from the Lullaby, which we visited 2 years ago and have to be honest the standard had gone down especially the food in this inclusive 5 star hotel, the same day in day out sometimes under cooked or over cooked. The entertainment was reasonable a Beetle tribute band was excellent can not say the same for the Queen Tribute Band, Michael Jackson look a like danced to his music and Val said he was very good especially as she had her photo taken with him. 

Not Impressed with Food 
Yet again we had a tribute to the Homosexual Elton  John cannot abide him or his music, so we went down to the town and listen to an Elvis impersonator, nearly every other bar has one of these. He was terrible and sang songs I had never heard of. On one night we visited a bar with two heavy metal lads and have to admit they could play their guitars and as one said without a backing tape, these were true musicians



As I said the food in the hotel was not up to much so on Wendy’s birthday we visited a Steak house  and this was a real treat good quality food at a reasonable price . I was very good with my food intake always keeping an eye on my diabetes and was pleased to say lost ½ stone but most of that was the exercise we got walking up and down stairs plus the heat was extreme sometimes in the 100’s and the sweat poured of me day and night. I suppose that was my excuse for drinking a lot of alcohol normally I keep my alcohol to 12 units a week but while on holiday I must have consumed 5 times that amount, I am a very naughty boy.

That kept her quiet 

Well back to normality but pleased to be back 11 nights was enough now I have to look forward to a Gastric band as my doctors seem to think at 24 stone I am to heavy they may have a point. Yet My chest is still bigger then my belly, I train an 1 hour a day 5 days a week, have a good RPR and good Blood pressure. One suggested I should get down to 12 stone I explained I have not been that weight since I was 12 and for those who know me I was never Fat but the wife says I could lose maybe 4 stone and get to what was my fighting weight of 20 stone. Yet what rigmarole with the NHS they tell you to have a Gastric Band then they put you through a 3-hour session at a hospital, where you talk about your diet and they say you must keep a record something I have done for the last three years, then you go next to someone who teaches you how to exercise I am ex World Judo Champion, Ex Olympic Squad member, Judo, Sambo, Jiu Jitsu Coach and Weightlifting Coach who is going to be teaching who? Lastly I have to have an hour with a Therapist to discuss why I am so big , maybe the questions will be was I breast fed as a Child or was food so sparse as a child I had to compete with brother for food and so on. If I am lucky I may have done  in 12 months so looks as if I may go private but that could cost up to £8000. 
Famous Four

Invalid Scooters are everywhere in Tenerife and are used by everyone, a cheap way to get around. Downfall for these and the Motor Scooters they driven on the pavement God help any pedestrian getting in the way

Hotel Rules: No reserving Sun Loungers with Towels?

7.30 am

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