Monday, October 26, 2015

House of Lords

Tax credits: Government defeated over tax credits reforms 
House of Lords back motion calling for government to rethink its tax credit cuts and respond to criticism in damaging defeat for George Osborne

So what was the point of the General Election when a gaggle of unelected privileged people called the House of Lords can defeat a Government elected by the people. The hypocrisy of the Labour Party baffles me for years they have asked for the dissolution of the Lords, yet their unelected  labour peers voted to ignore the elected House of Commons.
I personally think Tax Credits are a disgrace the idea that I as a Tax Payer have to pay for some one to work is ludicrous Tax Credits keep wages low and just put more profit into the hands of Big Business and share Holders, these companies should pay a decent wage and the excuse that if wages rise they would go out of business is rubbish maybe if they did not take so much profit and reduced their senior management pay packet everyone would be OK

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