Friday, October 30, 2015

Susan looks happy

This is a photo of Susan and her family with her Boyfriends Family. They look very happy after their holiday
. I am please she has met someone who actually cares for her and her family. Can that be said of ex husband Anthony Whitby who still has not paid her maintenance money for his children?
I struggle to understand men who have children then have affairs and then try and deny their full responsibility. You can understand that a man and wife can no longer live with each other but why take it out on the children? Surely the first duty of a father is to look after their children?
It seems this man wants 50% of the house, which could make Susan and her family homeless? I thought the duty of a father was to make sure his children have a roof over their heads

But then again I am of a generation who took fatherhood seriously and showed a duty of care obviously in this day and age that is not the case

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