Sunday, October 04, 2015

tenerife entertainment and Germans

Sunday here in Tenerife very hot 90f today Hotel we are in is Hovima Costa Adeje was the Lulabay , still a good hotel but a slight downgrading since the new owners took over. It is all Adult inclusive but a there are a few things where they lowered standards:
1)   Evening meal when it was Lulabay everyone had to be well dressed now everything goes
2)   The food all still very good but was not up to the standard and variation of the Lulabay
3)   Coffee and drinks pool side are now served in plastic glasses and paper cups
4)   All branded drinks now have to be purchased
5)   They allow drinking in the pool
6)   Still no Free Internet

The evening entertainment is an improvement first night were some Cuban Acrobats who were excellent last night were Beatles Tribute Band and tonight we have a Queen Tribute. So not bad all round

While here I spoke to many Germans all of them fed up with there President Merkel or as they called her the Fuhrer. I said I had been to the Christmas Market in Dortmund but they told me not to return this year as the City was full of immigrants and is not longer safe. Some had come to Tenerife to buy property here just to escape the violence and criminality of the Modern Germany. This was a totally different story to the German Governments Propaganda machine

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