Thursday, October 08, 2015

Holiday In Teneriffe

I am enjoying my Holiday in Tenerife but disappointed with the Hotel Hovima Costa Adeje last time I visited it was the Lulabay, which I was well pleased with. Yet the food this time leaves a lot to be desired and is boring and bland plus not very well cooked. The entertainment is OK but not brilliant. Last time I was here evening meal you were expected to dress reasonably this is no longer the case. What annoys me most when they the Hotel does not apply the rules they make, towels are till put on sunbeds as early as 7 am, no inflatables in pool this is totally ignored all these little things add to a drop in standard in what supposed to be a 5 Star Hotel. We will be back in February but this time we will stay in the Flamingo, which has a small apartment

Most here have the compulsory Tattoos but what seems to be happening now is it seems to be a race to see who can get their whole body covered in the outlandish designs. One or two tattoos may look OK but as old-fashioned person I think the most look common and ugly (that will make me a few enemies) but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why is it that as soon as someone comes on holiday they try and dress in in clothing they would not be seen dead in GB? My only different clothing is a pair of shorts but I always wear a shirt if walking around the town but this year I have seen so many women in their later years who shall we say are Large wearing Bikini to small for them and designed for a younger generation walking round town.

Couple of years ago I laughed at two seated Invalidly scooters but now they are all the rage for everyone have to admit it is good way to get around but have not been tempted myself. There seems to be a strange custom here as I have seen a lot of men in skimpy speedo and tight fitting vests holding hands walking around the town. Recently passed a Bar stating we are very opened minded. Did not go in but I expect it was a bar where you could discus the philosophies’ of Plato. Socrates, Marx etc very unusual do you think I have the right idea

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