Friday, October 16, 2015

Failed Ex Husband

Now we hear a lot about how men suffer in a divorce that may be true in some cases but not in all.

I know of women in her forties who has two young children and a Mortgage who has had to pay out Thousands on a divorce because her ex husband has been awkward. This ex husband earn over £35,000 per annum but by some clever accounting claims his profit is only £19,000 and the CSA has accepted this because for some reason if you are on PAYE you pay on your Gross figure but not is you are self employed tradesman. So the CSA the so-called protector of innocent children has said he has to pay just £54 per week for two children. As of yet he has paid nothing for their upkeep. What of the house well he demands that it be sold and he has ½ the equity and has suggested that this women and his children  rent a 1 bedroom flat for herself and the children. Of course the mortgage has to be paid and the women in question has been told to pay half, obviously with young children she can not work full time so she just works 16 hours.
The ex husband who was at fault in the relationship he had an affair, thinks it quite amusing that he has to pay so little and even said you and the family will get very little from me.
It seems he does not realise the duty of a father is to look after his children. Never mind the Women will get by with I expect the help of her family and I expect in years to come he will come to regret the way he has treated his family. The thing is with him contributing so little it would make no difference if anything happened to him because the state would pick up the bill.

Obviously this is just a scenario it could not possibly be anyone I know but makes interesting topic for discussion

Those who have asked my daughter Susan is divorced from Anthony Whitby but financial arrangements are still be decided. She has met a nice young man Brian who Poppy and George treat as a father

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