Saturday, October 17, 2015

Doctors Pay

The BMA the Doctors Union are now considering Strike action. Yes we all need Doctors but they consider themselves superior to the rest of us. On Radio 4 there was a discussion between a Junior Doctor and the Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, this can be heard on their web site. The Junior Doctor had a good old rant on how bad he Government was and how he only earned £43,000 a year for an average 48-hour week plus his wife who was also a Junior Doctor that’s £86,000 a year. It seem they have a child and it was very difficult seeing it, well there is answer to that, if you do not have time to look after a child do not have one. I wonder how many other families with one child earn that sort of money and work just 48 hours a week? He then went on to say that he might consider leaving the profession.  Yet when the minister eventually got his chance to answer, his idea was totally different. He wanted to do away with the exorbitant fees charged by Doctors and Consultants for working weekends, he seems that the basic pay will rise by 15% to take in account that part of the duties would be to work weekends, he also said that at present the maximum hours a Doctor or Consultant can work in a week is 100 hours, he intends reducing this to 73 hours.
All of us respect good Doctors and I expect most are hardworking but the cost of the NHS is out of control and it needs to be overhauled. I have had to use Private Hospital because the NHS delayed my Replacement Knee operation by 6 months but this came at a cost £10,000. Maybe the time has come to have a look at the NHS paying a proportion of someone’s Private treatment i.e. 50/50, this would release a Bed to the NHS and save them money

Senior NHS doctors claim more than £150,000 overtime for out-of-hours care (which boosts their salary to £300,000)
·       Some NHS consultants given triple pay to work evenings and weekends
·       Hourly rates vary, but can be as high as £372.50
·       The arrangement has been called 'outrageous and totally unacceptable'
·       But NHS trusts say they had to pay out to make up for staff shortages

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