Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welsh Rugby Bodily Challenged

Walking through the Bar here in Tenerife the Rugby had just started was quite shocked to see how many English are cheering for the Australians, seems there is a bit of jealous. I hope the Welsh win and make it to the final at least we will have a UK country there

On holiday here you do see some strange site especially the under 30’s. Being originally 6ft 2 ins (it seems since I have had 2 knee replacements I have shrunk to 6ft) I was always one of the tallest not now there must be at least a dozen here who are 6ft plus even my 15 year old grandson is taller then me. The other thing I notice is the young women under 30, 50% have good-looking figures but the other 50% are Bodily Challenged (Fat). One wonders why? The obvious answer is they eat to much and drink to much BUT is that the case or is just the way they eat?
Martin with Glass of Water 

I am here with a School friend of mine Keith Whyman who is an EC member of the Christmas Eve Club, we both went back to our childhood days to compare with today.
Keith Whyman

First thing we both agreed that we always ate cooked meals made by our mothers. Pre made meals did not exist or if they did we never had them. In my house you were not allowed to the Pantry with out the permission from Mum so snacking between meals never happened. The only Takeaway was Fish & Chips and that was a treat on a Friday, I can remember the excitement when the first Chinese opened near the Golden Eagle in the High Street, The Tai Wa (believe that what is was called) everyone wanted to experience this new food. Well nearly everyone there were the odd few who called it foreign muck and would never take of, they said the same with Garlic that French muck. In fact my first Curry was from the Chinese it would be some years later before we had an Indian Restaurant. Now practically every other shop in Sittingbourne is a Fast Food outlet. So could it be the Bodily Challenged will become the norm I hope so as at 24 stone I will become normal, if that is possible

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