Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lets get rid of the Lords

I have made it quite clear that I think Working Tax credits are ludicrous and cost the UK Taxpayer over £6 billion just so employers can have a low wage work force and have a bigger profit margin. For the Unelected House of Lords to go against the will of the House of Commons a democratically elected chamber is a disgrace. So time has come to get rid of this unelected Chamber, time for the members to be elected, the USA has an elected second chamber lets look at their system. Some have said voting for another chamber would be difficult, I can not see how every time there is a general Election you vote for an MP for the Commons and then on the same day vote for someone for the other chamber. The second chamber needs to change its name, the Lords still rings of privileges maybe use the USA name Senate. Another idea is you have a General Election to vote in an MP and then have a Proportional representation system using the same votes to select a Senate.
Our whole electoral system needs to change the idea that the SNP gets approx. half the votes to UKIP and gain 35 MP’s and UKIP get 1 MP is ludicrous

If their had been a proportional vote based on percentage the following would have happened:

 650 MP’s

Conservative 247
Labour 202
LibDem 52
Green 26
All others including SNP/Ulster Parties 38

The Tories would be the biggest party and if they went into Coalition with UKIP they would have a majority of 5.

I much prefer the system where it is a legal requirement to vote and if a candidate does not get over 50% the top two candidates return to the electorate for further vote

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