Tuesday, October 06, 2015

German Sports Halls taken over by Immigrants

The Swarm of Immigrants entering Europe has now affected our sports people as well. At the recent Presidents Sambo Cup held in Manchester one of the teams was meant to be a team from Ghana but the British Government refused them a visa. This Ghanaian Players have often been to the UK especially Manchester to train and compete in Judo and Sambo but most importantly they have always returned to Ghana. I as British Sambo Federation President supported their visa application. So we have genuine sportsman from the Commonwealth not being allowed to compete in Sport but illegal migrants from all over the World are getting into the UK and supported by the Government.

In Germany it fares no better one of British International Budo Federation Reps attend an International Congress in Germany and one of the things mention was that Germany can no longer run tournaments because all Sports Centre in Germany are having to house immigrants. So you soon can forget German sportsman all because Kaiser Merkel and her left-wing friends want these people in instead of paying money to the refugee camps

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