Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Eggs

The recent newspaper coverage where some companies are refusing to use the word Easter on their Chocolate Egg because it may offend non-Christians is really worrying.  In 2010 64% of the UK claimed to be Christians so why is there a drive by the Liberal PC brigade and Anti religion pressure groups to try ban all forms of Christian belief? Lets not forget Easter is a Christian Celebration. For those who have forgotten it is about Jesus dying on the Cross-on Good Friday and rising from the Dead on the Sunday. Whether it is the exact Day doesn’t matter is symbolises what Christians believe in. Why can’t people respect that? All the other minority religions have to be respected, as do the views of those who are members of Atheist and Secular groups. For those who do not believe in the Easter Happening that is not a problem do not celebrate it BUT do not try and destroy what the majority believe in. For those who still buy those Chocolate Easter Eggs only buy the one with Easter in the Title and let those who do not believe buy the others

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