Saturday, March 19, 2016

How much do we spend on Food

Another Fear Tactic
Who: Britain Stronger in Europe
"If Britain leaves Europe, the cost of importing goods could go up by £11bn – meaning prices would rise, and you and your family would have to pay more for everyday goods. This is just one of the ways prices could go up if we left the EU." (1)


"The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) costs the UK almost £10 billion a year, nearly £400 per household. Outside CAP the UK wouldn’t have this cost and could benefit from liberalising reforms. It’s time to lower high food prices. For a normal family now we’re seeing a shop cost anywhere between £100-£200, and the EU directly affects the prices by giving food subsidies to other countries and not our own farmers. This is scandalous.
I want lower food prices for hard working families, not higher prices so we can subsidise farmers who don’t even live in the UK. It’s not fair and if the UK were not a member of the EU, then it could stop.”
Steven Woolfe MEP

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