Sunday, March 06, 2016

Putin blamed for Lumpy Porridge

It seems that Putin is to Blame for everything that is wrong in the World according to Western Governments and Western Press I expect he will soon be blamed for Global Warming, the demise of the Rain Forest, to much sugar in food, your porridge having to much lumps in it. Now what about our own Tony Blair did he not lie to us about something and committed many deaths? what about the EU involvement in deposing an elected Government in Ukraine and lets not forget the USA involvement in Iraq. The reason they dislike him is because he is a strong leader a Leader who puts his people first rather then a PC Leaders who are more interested in their own future and interests.

Revealed: MI6 are compiling a secret dossier of Putin's 'war crimes' in Syria 
·       MI6 investigating alleged attacks on Syrian civilians by Russian war planes
·       Doing so with view to prosecuting President Vladimir Putin for war crimes
·       Scotland Yard detectives have also flown to Lebanon to monitor air strikes
·       Russia accused of causing casualties by targeting schools and hospit

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