Wednesday, March 09, 2016

EU Supporters are traitors to their country

The EU Referendum is causing great divides and bitterness in the Country, which will go on after the referendum.
Stay in Europe supporters do not have the same passion as the Out Campaigners and the reason for this they are confident they will win.
Yet as someone who wants OUT I only see those who want to stay in as traitors to this Country and traitors to future generations who will not have the Democratic Right to decide their future. Now the Stay In Brigade consider themselves EU Patriots but all I see from the IN Brigade is acts of selfishness.
Most of those asked the question why do you want to stay in the answer is nearly always  “if we stay in I will get this that and the other” they never answer about the affects on democracy and the future of the Country as a whole.
The ultimate aim of the EU is to create a United States of Europe, with one currency the EU and a European Army. No matter what Cameron says this will be the eventual outcome. It may not happen in my lifetime but it will happen.
I think the main reason I despise the STAY IN campaign is the bullying tactics where we are being threatened by all sorts of horrible things if we leave its these lies, threats and fears which will make people vote to stay in the EU
 If we stay in we will be bit-by-bit shackled to the EU by Law made by unelected Bureaucrats
 It is not the right of any generation to shackle future generation to a system of Government that cannot be changed.

If we remain in the EU, laws will soon be passed that will prevent us from leaving and then the only way to regain our freedom is through force of arms and who in their right mind wants that

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