Sunday, March 20, 2016

Europhile attacks Martin

This article is a bit long winded but thought you would be interested in the weirdo’s who contact me from the Europhiles Stay In 

I have always spoke my mind and on occasions I have had some really good debates with people who disagree with especially before the Internet in the now defunct East Kent Gazette but every now then someone comes along and deliberately tries to ruin your reputation by telling lies and making up stories about you, now as expected non of them give their correct name. These are basically cowardly people who hide behind false names, now they normally quite clever in they never put an insult or lie in the public domain as that can offer people like me the chance to sue for defamation. By sending a private message that may alleviate that risk but I am told that new laws of harassment can cover that but how do find these cowardly people? Maybe one of you techo’s can tell me how to find out who they are.
Over a year ago I had someone called Churchill making false and libellous accusations, now I enjoy a good debate but as his correspondence became more and more ridiculous I eventually deleted him.
Yet I believe he has returned calling himself Mark Davies. I must have twenty messages from this person whom I am supposed to have taught Judo to in the 1970’s have to admit I can not remember him if he existed at all. He goes to call me a Neo Nazi and racist because I support EU Out and have the banner, plus he tells me the Press has banned my articles and Adverts because they are Racist and illegal under the Race Relations Act
So my reply was prove all these points by reproducing articles which make me a Neo Nazi and Racist plus give details of the Publications which say I am racist? Needless to say like most people who fabricate things he answers a question with a question the ridiculous thing was the questions had little to do with his accusations. Now you read and tell me this person is in his right mind my reply was to answer the allegations  made against me. He the says “Do you wish to continue or admit you are either a fascist or scared. A lack of a response would indicate cowardice” Here is a person who will not show his face or give an address calling me a coward? Finally he tells me the East Kent Gazette was the publication  that said my advert contravened the Race Relation Act and my letters were banned. Interestingly he selects a newspaper that is no longer in existence but the interesting thing is that EKG printed my letters and my adverts on a regular basis in fact the joke of the people who read the paper would say “Martin Clarke Mayor of East Street and his East Clarke Gazette” When this question came up before he claimed it was the Kent Messenger group who barred me because of Racism etc. so I contacted the Editor

Sittingbourne KM Edition (sent by 15:31 (1 hour ago) to me Mr Clarke, With reference to your earlier email and subsequent call to our sports desk. I am completely unaware of any letters or advertisements of this nature. Not sure where/who this came from, but it doesn't ring any bells with me. Matt Ramsden

The last message I got from the very strange Mark Davies was

Am cooking Sunday roast - got some lovely lamb shanks from Lidl at £2.20 each” Now did I need to know that. Eventually I will find out who he or she is and then see if is brave enough to call me a coward to my face

These are the questions he/she thought I should ask

Are you a patriot?
Do you believe in a strong leader (eg Putin)
Do you have a disdain for arts and intellectuals
do you believe society is controlled by a secretive and powerful elite?
Do you feel that things were better in previous times?
do you think indigenous citizens are disadvantaged at the expense of foreigners
do you believe immigration is out of control
Do you want to se the state have stronger borders
Do you believe in the death penalty
do you believe abortion is wrong
do you have views which others have called sexist, racist or homophobic
Did you vote UKIP, BNP or Conservative at the last general election
Will you vote for leaving the EU at the forthcoming referendum
Do you believe that immigrants are swarming with a desire to come to the UK
Do you believe popular entertainment is unrepresentative with its display of non-White British, transgendered, women and homosexual characters
Do you feel a White Christian Britain is under threat from Islam, socialist, liberals, communists, lefties and atheists
o you feel that UK tax credits should be withdrawn?
Do you believe Islam is not a religion of peace?
Do you feel education is under control of the Left?
Do the last 5 budgets benefit the wealthy?
are people that claim dole lazy?

 Now to finish

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