Friday, March 18, 2016

Working Tax Credits a disgrace

Working Tax credits are a joke why should I pay someone to work out of my taxes. Working Tax credits help employers keep wages low and make their profits evens larger interestingly they can afford to pay their top management exorbitant amounts of money then complain they can not afford the minimum wage . In my younger days we never had tax credits the wife went out and done a part time job, I was the main wage earner old fashioned I know and we survived bringing up 3 children with the only Government hand-out being child allowance which was minimal. Part time work being a main income is a disgrace as is Zero hours contract mainly used by employment agencies. Zero Contracts should be outlawed. People should live on what they earn if we did not have working Tax credits wages would have to rise and we would not need a nanny state. I very much doubt if I am popular for saying this but sometimes the truth hurts

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