Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mark Davies says I am a Fascist

I taught this mark Davies Judo at Towers School in the 1970's can not say I remember him but it seem he thinks anti EU stance is fascist please read and then see my response

Dear Martin Would it be possible to preface all communications with the phrase "I am a fascist". The rationale behind this is that you follow an avowedly fascist organisation led by a neo-nazi. Your symbol is a neo-nazi banner. You quote articles from the new observer and the daily stormer- one a far right publication the other a neo-nazi white supremacist blog. Your advertisements for rental accommodation breached race relations law. I understand that you may lack a desire to publicise such a fact, but as a member of the community you should have the courage of your convictions to acknowledge as such. If you were unwilling to publicise such a fact at your renowned gymnasium then I would seriously think about withdrawing such beliefs from public circulation. I am an unashamed liberal but do not publish extremist material as I do not intend to carry through on violent rhetoric Yours Sincerely, Mark Davies

Interesting diatribe from someone who objects to free speech. First if you do not like what I say delete me. Now tell me about my banner and how it is is a racist symbol or is that anyone who is proud to be British is a fascist? Tell me what organisation I follow that is neo Nazi?
Yes I have used articles from the New Observer they are posted to me on my Facebook but if you followed my remarks on Facebook you will have noted on several occasions I have said I object them using the word “Non White” I am quite aware they a racist publication but not all they say is racist. As for the Daily Stormer this is the first time I have heard of the publication so I do not see why it should be on my Facebook BUT people like Mark are very much like those who want to stay in the EU, they use fear tactics to frighten people accuracy is not top of their list.
You say my advert for rental Accommodation was racist can you quote the piece of the advert that broke race relation law?if you can .
One thing is for sure I am not shy in putting my views forward as most people will tell you. Now you have said I promote violent rhetoric tell me where?
Mark to call yourself a Liberal is laughable you are someone who objects to free speech I am surprised you have not ask to have me locked up for offending you. Maybe you should move to Turkey they have laws that prevent people speaking out.
It is interesting that this comments come now is it possible you object to me writing about leaving  the EU or is that I oppose Mass Immigration to this country.
Now I expect you to prove all the remarks that you have made about me so you can justify your ludicrous assertions.

I intend to put this on my Blog and see what my readers think

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