Friday, March 04, 2016

MP Lies

Dear Martin,

Let's take back control. Our money, our priorities. Europe yes, EU no.
Imagine if we Vote Leave… Wages will rise [as the chairman of the pro-EU BSE campaign admitted yesterday.]
The IN campaign have only one tactic during this referendum: Project Fear. They can find nothing positive to say about our membership of the EU. They know that the PM’s hollow renegotiation has flopped, so they are trying to scare people into voting to stay in the EU. However, the British public will see through this. They know that the safer option is to take back control and Vote Leave.
Remember – Saturday 12 March is #TakeControlDay. There are HUNDREDS of events being planned across the country, so please keep the date free.
MPs slam BSE campaign
The BSE [Britain Stronger in Europe] campaign was found out yesterday for using ‘dishonest’ figures, selective quotations and ludicrous claims about trade and jobs. Appearing before a committee of MPs, Lord Rose and Will Straw, chairman and chief executive of BSE, admitted that many of the key statistics used in their campaign are not based on facts.
Lord Rose stood by the widely discredited claim that every household in the UK benefits by £3,000 per year through EU membership. This was despite Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the committee, calling the figure ‘scandalous’ and ‘intellectually dishonest’. He then went on to admit that wages for low-skilled workers would rise if we Vote Leave, before adding that it isn’t 'necessarily a good thing'.
Will Straw blew a hole in their core campaign message by acknowledging that ‘all the trading would go on’ after we leave the EU, and that the claims of an £11 billion rise in prices were ‘entirely speculative’. Crucially, he admitted that the renegotiation would do nothing to change the powers of the EU courts.
The British people will realise that Project Fear is not based on hard facts. The safe option is to Vote Leave and spend our money on our priorities.

Business opinion split on EU
Priti Patel, one of the Cabinet ministers backing Vote Leave, has written in the Timestoday shedding light on how business opinion on the EU has been misrepresented for years. Big business lobby groups such as the CBI called on the UK to join the disastrous European Exchange Rate Mechanism, urged the government to scrap the pound, and are now backing the UK to stay in the EU. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.
Large multinationals can afford expensive lobbyists to shape the rules in their favour and to crush competition.  But the EU doesn’t work for entrepreneurs and small businesses. They are suffocated by EU rules, and their innovative and disruptive business models are rejected to preserve the dominance of large corporates.
Leaving the EU is not a leap into the dark, it is a leap from a sinking ship. With high unemployment, huge levels of debt, unfunded pension schemes and economic stagnation - the eurozone is on its knees. It is far safer to take back control and Vote Leave.

More scaremongering over Calais
Ahead of a UK-French summit, France’s economy minister has claimed that the UK’s border controls in Calais could end if we Vote Leave. This conveniently timed intervention shows that the Government knows its renegotiation has failed. It is yet another example of Project Fear - we should not be fooled by such scare stories.Boris Johnson says as much in his article in today’s Sun.
Last year, the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said this was ‘not a responsible solution… It is a foolhardy path, and one the government will not pursue’. The agreement between France and Britain to allow UK border checks in Calais is a bilateral treaty and has nothing to do with our EU membership. The French have admitted that it is not in their interests to scrap the agreement - this treaty works well for both the UK and France. Proof, if it was needed, that Project Fear isn't backed up by facts.

Don’t believe the scare stories about the UK leaving the EU. Remember…
As the Chairman of the IN campaign admitted: ‘Nothing is going to happen if we come out ... There will be absolutely no change … It’s not going to be a step change or somebody’s going to turn the lights out.’

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Vote Leave

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