Friday, March 04, 2016

Olympic are a Refugee Team

Can you believe it the International Olympic Committee are going to have a team Refugees competing in the Olympics plus they have given them approx. £1.6 million in funds. Apart from the fact that if the money is to be donated surely it should go to all refugees not an elite few and Sport should be well down the list of what is important for these refugees. In England alone we have British people on the street if the IOC hands out money why not give to the poor of the World rather then a select few.
What about other athletes throughout the World who come from poor but stable countries who cannot afford to train Olympic standard athletes and send them to the Olympics surely they deserve a chance and they are not running away from their country who needs them.
My Sport of Sambo has been trying for decades to become an Olympic Sport what about our Sport do we not warrant help?
This is not the first time that the IOC has made dubious decisions recently they said they will accept Transgender women even though it is suggested that this would give them an unfair advantage in terms of Strength etc. but worse still was that they will accept Transgender people who were receiving treatment that means you can have a person competing as a women with genitals someone who has all the attributes of a Man.
It is time there was an investigation into the funding and practise of the IOC like there has been in International Football and Athletics, questions should be asked about the finance of this organisation lets hope that some Journalists takes this on board because the ordinary man like me will never be listened to

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